Amy Hure

F, #89877, d. 1953
Birth*Amy Hure was born.1  
Married NameHer married name was Thompson. 
Marriage*She married John James Thompson, son of Velinda Elaine Nolan
Married Name1937 As of 1937,her married name was Dunn.2 
Marriage*1937Amy Hure married Colin Terrence Dunn in 1937 at Maitland West, New South Wales.2 
Divorce*1943Amy Hure and Colin Terrence Dunn were divorced in 1943 at New South Wales.3 
Residence*after 1946Amy Hure and John James Thompson lived after 1946 at Captains Flat, New South Wales.  
Residence*circa 1950Amy Hure lived circa 1950 at Sydney, New South Wales. 
Residencecirca 1951She lived circa 1951 at Maitland, New South Wales. 
Death*1953She died in 1953 at Maitland, New South Wales.4 

Family 1

John James Thompson b. 23 Nov 1902, d. 5 May 1963
Child 1.Maureen Thompson d. b Feb 2016


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    Married 1937
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    Father          Stephen Archibald
    Mother          Florence
    District          Maitland, NSW.